Welcome to Fulwood Osteopaths

South Liverpool’s local Osteopathy clinic
Established 2008

We are three osteopaths with 75 years experience between us.

Together we have a wealth of expertise in treating musculoskeletal problems.

Wherever it hurts, we can treat you and offer advice to help you recover.

Fulwood Osteopaths
300 Aigburth Road Liverpool L17 9PW

Good Health in Good Hands
0151 727 1771

Move for Health Day

You will have heard the phrase "use it or loose it", well that's really the same thing as "move it or loose it". Movement is in every aspect of life from your heartbeat to the movements you make when you walk, sing, have a conversation or play the violin. These days...

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My first blog…

This is my first blog, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. So I'm finally getting the whole social media thing - and actually might secretly enjoy it. After all, I will be writing about my favourite subject, which is about how people move and live and keep healthy. And...

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“Osteopathy, that’s about bones, isn’t it?”

Osteopathy is a funny word. Many people don't really know what it means (and it's not easy to spell either). The "osteo" part means something to do with bones - like in osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. The "path" part means something bad - like in pathological or...

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