South Liverpool’s local Osteopathy clinic
Established 2008

300 Aigburth Road Liverpool L17 9PW

0151 727 1771

“Osteopathy, that’s about bones, isn’t it?”

What is Osteopathy? It's a funny word. Many people don't really know what it means (and it's not easy to spell either). The "osteo" part means something to do with bones - like in osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. The "path" part means something bad - like in...

What Osteopaths do that the NHS doesn’t.

Nine things Osteopaths do that the NHS doesn't. NHS staff are skilled and dedicated people who work very hard on behalf of patients and do a brilliant job but unfortunately, the NHS is such a big complex organisation and is so overstretched that they can’t do...

Research Matters!

Why does research into Osteopathy matter? Research matters because these days research is applied to all medical treatments to ensure that they are effective. The old "snake oil" cures are a thing of the past. Nowadays we have what's called "evidence based medicine",...