Our policy for ethical and ecofriendly measures.

We’re not perfect, but, in addition to complying with the professional standards set by the General Osteopathic Council, we aim to be ethical and ecofriendly in the running of Fulwood Osteopaths.

So here’s how we do that:

  • our gas and electricity is from renewable sources from Good Energy
  • we use recycled paper – for printing and also plinth paper roll, loo roll and tissues
  • we use low energy lightbulbs
  • we use rechargeable batteriesĀ 
  • we are economical where possible in the use of water and power
  • for people waiting in reception, we have Positive News, Ethos Magazine, The Big Issue and local newsletters
  • we recycle or reuse where possible to reduce waste
  • our loo is twinned by Toilet Twinning, a charity which provides latrines in countries where sanitation is poor.