You will have heard the phrase “use it or loose it”, well that’s really the same thing as “move it or loose it”. Movement is in every aspect of life from your heartbeat to the movements you make when you walk, sing, have a conversation or play the violin. Moving keeps you healthy, and it doesn’t have to be hard work, you just need variety and activity in an enjoyable way.

These days most people simply sit down too much – try actually counting up the amount of time you spend sitting in a normal day. Eating breakfast, travelling to your job, in work, watching TV, socialising with friends. It probably adds up to being the thing you spend most time doing, aside from sleeping (and maybe you really need more sleep, but that’s another blog for another day!)

We humans are not built to sit. We are built to move. We need to move, if nothing else, to keep our circulation going and keep our breathing active. That feeds our bodies, and it feels good. Try it – it feels good to move. Amongst all that is said about exercise for health and weightloss and healthy ageing, the simple fact that it also feels good to be active gets a bit forgotten.

So Move for Health Day is also Move to Feel Good Day – like the guy in the picture!