What to expect at your osteopathy appointment…

Where does it hurt?

Your story, and your general health.

In the first session, we spend time talking everything through so that we can clarify the cause of your problem and what factors in your life are relevant to it. The aim is to get a diagnosis and find a treatment approach which will work best for you.


Assessment of your posture, your spine and joints.

The osteopath observes your usual standing posture and simple movements of the spine. Specific joints are examined in more detail to assess how well they move. Other tests, eg reflexes, may be used. Your consent and comfort are respected at all times.


Treatment plan, for now and the future

Osteopaths use gentle hands-on techniques to improve movement and circulation in the affected areas of the body. The treatment is tailored to you individually. Most people have a few sessions, once a week at first, then continuing as necessary until recovery.

What's next

Advice on self-care, lifestyle and exercise

We monitor your progress as we go along and adapt as necessary. Advice about exercise and lifestyle are an important part of this recovery process too.  For people with chronic or recurring problems, we can agree on a maintenance plan to suit you.

All osteopaths are registered with the General Osteopathic Council, which regulates the profession and protects patients.
Osteopaths are highly skilled practitioners with sound clinical experience, committed to lifelong learning.
Osteopathy treats each person as an individual and recognises the effect of all aspects of that person’s life on their state of health.